How To Be A Super Human Being; Don't Be A Dumb Jock - Paperback (95 pages)

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This book is a must read for both athletes and non-athletes, ages 13 and up, parents and coaches. As an athlete or prospective athlete in the game of life and sports, you do not know what you do not know. There are things about life that you can control and there are things you cannot control. Understanding usually comes after the fact. Don't Be A Dumb Jock: How to be a Super Human Being presents an opportunity for learning and understanding before your sports career is complete and your new life journey begins. No matter what level of life you play, once you begin to exercise and improve your physical ability, mental strength and become more emotionally aware your power as a human being increases. These attributes are learned inherently for people who exercise and play sports, regardless of age. Because of Social Media, athletes now have a platform to distribute content larger than ever before. People will follow every move an athlete makes. This is the life of a Super Human Being. Don't Be A Dumb Jock: How to be a Super Human Being is a inspirational guide for people who want to make the most of their passion and purpose of life. For both athletes and the non-athletic types. We turn Humans into Super Human Beings.