The Truth About Your Health and Fitness

There are several reasons why you would not choose a workout or training lifestyle or healthy lifestyle, for that matter. Please understand, your approach to working out is also your approach to other things in your life, period. Here are a few reasons I would like to mention.

Reason #1 – Lazy – If you were not introduced to working out or working hard as a child or pre-teen the chance of you choosing a workout or training lifestyle as you get older decreases. If I could count the number of people who come for a few sessions then quit. How many people expect to get results without putting forth their best physical and mental effort? These attitudes and this behavior began as a child. It will continue into adulthood unless you take my advice and continue to tune into this blog.

Reason #2 – Do Not Know Where to Start – Living a healthy lifestyle is a scientific and spiritual ideal. It should be approached with a certain level of education.  Continued education is par for this course.  You do not have to know everything to start but you need a basic education, first. This is where Aaron Johnson Fitness Club comes in. Follow this blog.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Stay tuned in.

Too many people start their workout programs at 4 – 5 days per week, 1 – 3 hours per workout.  Uninformed fitness trainers will tell you to workout 4 or 5 days per week. Then by week 4 your workout program is over for the year or two years or twenty years. Give me a break, literally. Is what your body is saying. You hear it, you feel it, you listen to it, you quit. Your body is always sending you messages, FYI.  Do you bother to listen? I will show you how to read the messages.

Reason #3 – Self Sabotage/Suicide – If I give you two options. Eat healthy or eat unhealthy, 75% to 25% of the time, respectfully.  If I say, "Eat too much of this and you get a disease or eat this and you become disease free. Whichever you choose ultimately determines how you view your life and what it is worth. Choose wisely, your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.  Can people commit suicide with their unhealthy diet and lack of fitness training?

Reason #4 – I Do Not Have Time or Money – Lets's see if you have time and money for an injury or illness. Prevention is less expensive. That goes for working out and eating healthy. If you pay a trainer one day per week for the rest of your life it will be neither as expensive nor as time consuming as having to repair damage from not working out or choosing healthy food choices.  It is your choice.

Solution Based Thinking  - Training Lifestyle

The Aaron Johnson Fitness Club solution is a 1 day per week, 34 minute training lifestyle program for 6, 8, 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, maybe before, your body will send you a message to train more. Then begin to train 2 days per week for 30 minutes.

Increasing your heart rate through exercise will give you more energy.  Make you feel younger.  Break a sweat. Your body loves to sweat or release toxins. Stretch your muscles for increased blood flow throughout your entire body. This is fundamental. Stretching releases and relives full body pain. Stretching also prevents injury. Breathe oxygen in through the nose out of the mouth, outside nature oxygen, preferably through the day. Can we keep it simple?

Solution Based Thinking - Nutrition

1.  Watch portions sizes first.

2.  Eat for energy not entertainment. 

3.  Educate yourself and family, gradually, about the best foods to eat and where to buy those foods for budget efficiency.

Healthy eating choices are a cultural phenomenon. What is healthy eating for one culture will be different for another culture. Take this into consideration when you choose foods which your culture may deem unhealthy but another deems to be healthy. Fruits and vegetables works in every culture. Can we keep it simple?

“We Connect The Mind, Body and Emotions."


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