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High School Strength Training Summer Camp

Register now to attend our High School Summer Training Program.  Camp begins Monday, June 1, 2020.   

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“It feels great to be in shape.”


Free 50 minute Consultation

Do You Want A Great Personal Fitness Trainer?

- Ages 50 and older

- Mobility or Functional Training

- Weight Loss (10 - 30lbs)

- Chronic pain relief 

- Strength or resistance training

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Nutrition Education

* Click the book appointment button.  Schedule one of our (3) fitness consultations and begin a fun journey to becoming even more fit.

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Skate Buds Strap-on Heel Skates 3.0

- Ages 7-13

- Adjusts to fit athletic shoes

- Safe

- Fun

- Physical Activity daily 

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2020 Skate Buds Skate Fitness Camp Coming Soon

An experience your children will remember.  Developing a new generation of children who want to get fit and stay fit.  While riding Skate Buds Strap-on Heel Skates we teach participants to overcome fear and protect the power of their mind and body.  We are going to have so much fun. #TeamSkateBuds

Coming Soon
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